Right of Way Consulting

Acquiring right of way is a key, first step in any build-out effort. But organizations often find themselves without sufficient in-house resources to ramp up for these projects.

Cimmaron helps you keep the initiative on schedule and within budget. Cimmaron provides an optimal mix of credentials and experience to each program. Our Right of Way Consulting Services cover every aspect of right-of-way acquisition—from initial route selection to final permitting.

The Cimmaron strategy works because our core management and Land agents bring years of practical experience in right-of-way services. We are supplemented with local professionals who are familiar with the lands, jurisdictions, permitting obstacles issues, and decision makers at the project level. Knowledge and historical data is the key to a successful build out. We understand how to tackle right-of-way concerns before they become right-of-way problems. And we know how to navigate the complex web of local, state, and federal interests that are pivotal key on every project.



We design our capabilities for specific needs to provide a complete turnkey solution. Our services include:
• Site Evaluation and Selection
• Regulatory and Records Research
• Title Research and Ownership Data
• Property Owner Contact and Notification Services
• Permit Application and Procurement
• Right-of-Way Acquisition
• Easement Procurement
• Project Coordination and Management
• Exhibit Preparation
• Route Feasibility Studies
• GIS Mapping and Data Aggregation
• Utilities Research


Dedicated Management for Every Project


Cimmaron works autonomously or with supervision. In either case, we assign a dedicated project manager to interact with client staff, governmental representatives, and other parties. Your project manager maintains close coordination with your organization throughout the acquisition process. To ensure a successful outcome, we work proactively with your management and key departments. At all times we deploy experience to ensure that all participants remain aware of project requirements and issues.



Right of Way Services

• Project Focus

• Pipeline Gathering Systems

• Well Tie in

• Energy Transmission Lines

• Fiber Optics

• Cable TV Nodes

• Mobile Cell Site Acquisition

• Water Transmission


In addition to the right of way services listed above, Cimmaron can render specialized services in related areas of activity, including Due Diligence and File Review for mergers and acquisitions.



Our deep respect for the land and its harvest is the legacy of generations of farmers who put food on our tables, preserved our landscape, and inspired us with a powerful work ethic - James H. Douglas, Jr.