Corporate Values

Cimmaron Corporate Mission Statement and Value System

Cimmaron's mission and values system serve as a solid foundation for the firm. They represent core beliefs that build value and good will for clients, employees, contractors, and in all of our affairs. These beliefs have been essential to the growth and success of the firm. We consider these principles to be sacrosanct to our professional growth and integrity as a firm. Cimmaron stresses the importance of optimism, creativity, teamwork, and resourcefulness by dealing with all people and organizations in an open and ethical manner.

  • We are honest in our dealings with others.

  • We deliver what we promise in our personal and business relationships.

  • We are easy to do business with.

  • We are client driven.

  • We have a sense of urgency on all matters related to clients and projects.

  • We are fair and even handed in our dealings with others.

  • We display teamwork. Team members use terms like we rather than I.

  • We demonstrate passion and commitment in our efforts.

  • We are friendly, courteous and have respect and compassion for others.



  • These values are printed on the back of all Cimmaron business cards to remind us and others what it is we aspire to and what we honor.


  • All employees and Landmen are expected to live up to this system. Cimmaron performs regular inventory to make sure we are at least trying to live up to this standard. Progress and not perfection is the operative term, as we are all human and fall short at times. To the extent that we have not lived up to these values, we promptly admit it, make amends and try to learn from each circumstance. We don't "sweep dust under the rug” hoping it will never see the light of day. It is easy to print these principles on a web site or a business card and file them away. It is quite another matter to try to live it every day. The true measure of our success is revealed when the maintenance of these standards threatens us with personal loss. We will remain stoic to this principal at all times.


  • Justice rides in on a slow horse – J. Bigheart, Tribal Chief Osage Nation, Oklahoma – 1907.