Cimmaron specializes in comprehensive Petroleum Land and Right of Way service solutions. Employing over two decades of experience, credentials, and history, combined with a long track record of tackling vital projects, Cimmaron has established a powerful presence both regionally and nationally.  Cimmaron is positioned to offer professional land services in several of the nation's resource plays, with the ability to take on small assignments on an 'as needed' basis to long term projects on a large scale.


The Cimmaron Difference

Management- Cimmaron's management team is comprised of committed industry professionals with many years of know-how. These men and women consider this occupation as a career- not just a job. Their work is an expression of passion for our industry as demonstrated through work ethic, dedication, and commitment. Project planning is based on careful thought and reasoned analysis with each core management professional participating in major decisions in order to bring a diverse background to the table. We leverage existing knowledge and technology, combined with decades of historical data to make project deployment plans. We seek out feedback before, during , and after every assignment, while providing accessibility and responsiveness to all of our clients. Before "boots hit the ground," we have performed the reconnaissance necessary to execute a particular plan and strategy. The vision and initiatives are clearly communicated to our clients, staff, and landmen while accountability is maintained at all times.

Landmen and Staffing- Cimmaron maintains an elaborate and sophisticated vetting process for all Landmen and staff. After Landmen candidates are short listed, Cimmaron initiates a face to face interview or skype interview with an experienced professional profiler. We assess the candidate's value system, education, integrity, attitude, work ethic, work history, work style, IT skills, etc. We qualify all of our candidates by asking numerous land fundamental questions to determine both a conceptual understanding and practical fundamental Petroleum Land and Right of Way knowledge. We don't carry our wounded- if a Landman does not meet our client and corporate expectations in work ethic, attitude, or integrity they are respectfully released in a fair and even-handed manner.


Cimmaron's Community Service Program- Over the years, Cimmaron has been actively engaged in the communities in which we serve. Cimmaron has provided volunteer services and funding to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Covenant House, Habitat for Humanity, Trust for Public Lands, Nature Conservancy, Forests of the World, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Osage Nation and Cherokee Nation.


Most of us are acutely aware of our own struggles and we are preoccupied with our own difficulties so clearly. But Ian MacLaren noted wisely, "Let us be kind to one another, for most of us are fighting a great battle."- John Watson



Corporate Ethics

Cimmaron is a registered participant in the AAPL certification program, which requires 100% AAPL membership for all employees and staff. Landmen are required to adhere to the AAPL code of ethics and standards of conduct. To the extent that we discover that anyone within the firm has not lived up to AAPL standards, we promptly address the matter and make necessary decisions to assure compliance, even if it results in AAPL notification, Landmen termination, and client refunds. We strive to insure that everyone we deal with in all of our affairs are treated honestly and fairly and in accordance with AAPL integrity.

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. - Potter Stewart